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    The pest filth flies varieties are numerous. They breed and grow in unhealthy environments and spread to different areas. Since they have dirty habits and the dirt they breed in, flies spread numerous germs and threaten people's health, businesses, and reputation. They also help in spreading deadly diseases. Pesco has a wide variety of services and products to help control flies in your home or business. Our technicians are thoroughly trained, licensed, and equipped to locate the source of the issue, identify the species, the causes, breeding areas, and entry points, give you the right advice, and treat accordingly.


    Due to the desert climate and environment, dangerous venomous pests such as snakes, redback snipers, and hornets can be regular. Pesco technicians are fully trained and equipped to deal with these pests.


    Spiders and scorpions can be found in different UAE parts due to the favourable climatic conditions. These can cause severe and life-threatening injuries Pesco Technicians can deal with these hazardous pests and eradicate them completely.


    Birds can cause a lot of problems when in close proximity to man. Considering the amount of excrement they will create, they often cause considerable property damage, resulting in heavy repairs and maintenance, the spread of disease and cause other pest issues such as rats and cockroaches. The build-up of fouling also corrodes paint and can cause slippery walkways. Pesco Control Specialists are the best experience in the industry, and we hold the most comprehensive range of solutions based on the species, structural design, discreetness requirement, and budget. Whatever the bird issue you have, we will have the solution.


    Stray dogs and wild animals are found in remote areas where the human population is scarce. But sometimes, when they inherit the human habitat, it can be dangerous. Many animals like foxes, hyenas can cause you severe damage. Our technicians are trained and equipped to identify and deal with these pests.

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