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The process involving excavating grease waste and other food particles stuck in the unit is known as Grease Trap Cleaning. This job can be very messy if you do it on your own and can be difficult also. Outsourcing this job to a professional can be a suitable option like UAE-based experts at Pesco. Be it grease trap removal or interceptor cleaning services or restaurant grease trap cleaning in Dubai, choose Pesco.

Why Pesco for Grease Tap Cleaning is essential in Dubai, UAE?

Grease Oil Tap is a gadget made of pipe whose sole purpose is to cease solids and greases from entering the wastewater removal framework. Normal water which contains oils gets mixed into the septic tanks to frame a drifting filth layer. Plenty of oil from the food planning in cafes can overpower a treatment office in Dubai which causes untreated sewage in the climate.

  • This service will help clear the sediment by breaking up the sludge and flushing it out of the system.
  • We are a grease trap cleaning company with a presence in Sharjah, UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ajman. We have housed professionals who can provide the best grease trap services, including installation and maintenance.
  • Remove entire grease, which prevents overflow in the kitchen and helps avoid false odours and significant clogs.

Grease Trap Supply Dubai
Frequently Asked Questions

  • A grease trap is a receptacle that traps fat, oil, and grease before the dirty water goes to the public drainage system. Water flowing into the kitchen sinks contains oil, fat, and grease from the washing of meat and other fatty food items, dishes and utensils. If this enters the public sewage system, it will hinder the wastewater treatment process at the plant, as the sewage system is not designed to separate oil and grease. Clients can also be chased away by the unpleasant odour from a leaking or overflowing grease trap in an outlet. To prevent these, it is necessary to install a grease trap or interceptor in every food service facility like restaurants, coffee shops, catering kitchens, processed food manufacturing facilities, worker’s accommodations etc. Grease traps may be installed directly under the sink or outside the kitchen depending on the facility and the volume of food preparation although it is recommended that the grease trap is installed closer to the sinks to avoid pipeline clogging.
  • Simply put, the presence of fat, oil, and grease in wastewater burdens the treatment plant. Restaurants or any commercial kitchen facilities will have to stop their operations if their kitchen is flooded with an overflowing grease trap. It is advised that even the smallest food service establishment have a grease trap cleaning contract with an approved grease trap cleaning company in order to keep the public drainage system efficient and free from oil and grease.
  • Any establishment that has a kitchen requires grease trap cleaning at specified intervals of once a week, a fortnight or a month depending on the grease trap size. According to Dubai Municipality’s guideline grease traps of 40 gallons and below requires weekly cleaning cycles. Grease traps with higher than 40-gallon volume are to be cleaned twice every month at 15 days intervals. Potential benefits of the process go beyond safety, as it can also aid in Avoiding bad smells from clogged grease interceptors | Slowing the drainage of water from the sink | Avoiding blocked water circulation to the sewage system | Stopping the water overflow from the interceptor
  • Pesco offers installation and maintenance of grease traps. The size of a trap will depend on the size of your store, water usage and grease volume. In some cases, the city will mandate what size trap should be installed. Once your trap is in place, Pesco experts will be happy to help you determine an efficient schedule for trap maintenance to ensure that your store stays in compliance and your trap keeps functioning.
  • Pesco follows the regulations prescribed by the authorities and all the grease removed from the facility is sent to the recycling plant and all the required records are kept eliminating possibilities of non-compliances and fines. Pesco makes advance schedules according to the contractual requirements and promptly carries out scheduled cleaning eliminating or reducing emergencies. We work closely with you to plan as per your schedule and convenience.

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